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Client Testimonials


"We really appreciated your taking the time to work with us and the professionalism with which you wrote your report. You managed to write perfectly everything we have been struggling to say. We are extremely pleased with the results.
Thank you!"
~Dad and stepmom of 6 year old and 1 year old sisters

"Mary Stocco completed a Child Family Invesigation last year for our family. I found her work to be thorough, fair, and well reasoned for my child's future. Most noticeable was that she took the time necessary to observe our family not in a snap shot, but rather through time, extensive interviews and observation, and the view point of references. Although some of what she found was uncomfortable for me, it was evident that her investigation was a search for the truth of our family life and the best interest of my child. I found her conclusions piercing and accurate."
~Father of 14 year old girl

Professional Testimonials

"In her role as a CFI, I have worked with her on several cases. I was the child's/children's therapist in these cases. Mary Stocco is a warm, approachable, and compassionate person. These are important characteristics to have in her role as a CFI. Individuals going through this type of process are stressed and often anxious. I believe Mary has a way of putting them more at ease during this challenging time. I have always experienced Mary as professional, thorough, fair, and straightforward. These are critical qualities to have in this challenging role. In all of our meetings, I have been able to count Mary to be punctual and organized, which I have always appreciated."
~Kathy Colman, LCSW

"I have known and worked with Mary Stocco for several years. As a CFI, she is the best there is and the only qualified CFI that I refer when asked. Her investigations are thorough and complete. She goes above and beyond what is necessary for a CFI - all while staying within the designated price range. Her reports are some of the best I have ever seen - complete, professional and well thought out. She is indeed one of the best in Colorado Springs."
~ Carol Reinert, M.A., L.P.C., Parental Responsibilities Evaluator

"I'm always pleased to see that Mary is on the case. Not only am I guaranteed that her work is objective and timely, she is a pleasure to work with professionally. Mary is thorough, objective and always open to my input as a therapist. Most of all, I am assured that she is focused on the child's safety and best interest."
~Joyce Miller, MA, LPC, Front Range Collaborative Co-Parenting

"Mary's ability to zero in on the major issues of a case is beyond measure. She can weed through all the material being provided by the parents, their families, their significant others and any other parties who believe they know what is the best for the children and their families. She is able to develop working relationships with clients and community professionals. I hold her in high esteem and respect the work she does. Her ethics are far beyond her reproach. If you are thinking of hiring Mary as a CFI for your case, I highly recommend her."
~Sunni Ball, Domestic Relations Program Manager, CASA of the Pikes Peak Region

"Mary has a depth of knowledge and acumen around child development and family dynamics. Her work is highly respected by the courts and other professionals. Mary's understanding of the Domestic Relations court proceedings and statues is extensive. She also develops amazing rapport with clients as well as professionals on cases. Mary's in depth assesments of case issues are balanced, fair and astute. Her recommendations to the courts are to the point. Mary is intelligent, knowledgable, and conscientious. She has amazing attention to detail and follow through."
~Trucy Strewler Hodges, Executive Director, CASA of the Pikes Peak Region






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